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If you are an existing student of Kriya... or if you are just interested...

All Kriyabans (Kriya students) are welcome and encouraged to attend lecture tours conducted by Swami Shankarananda Giri. Swamiji visits twice a year and tours a number of European countries. 

Already initiated?

If you have been taught by myself, by someone recognised by Swami Shankarananda Giri, or by Swamiji himself, then you are free to attend meditation sessions. You should contact the appropriate co-ordinator in the country where you intend to attend. Contact details can be obtained here. Note that there is usually a small charge to help defray the costs of organising venues etc.

Possible new student?

If you have not received training in the technique then you can only attend certain lectures, but not meditation sessions. At some stage you should decide whether you wish to pursue Kriya meditation and learn the technique after which you can also attend group meditation sessions. To learn the 1st Kriya technique, expect to spend at the minimum a very long day with a teacher (either in a classroom type setting or one-to-one, depending on how many students there are) followed up by a few regular practice meditation sessions during the following 1-2 weeks. The cost of training can be found out by contact your country co-ordinator.


To find out more about Swami Shankarananda Giri, click here.

Swamiji's Tour Schedule


Below you will find the latest details of Swamiji's tour in Europe, Africa and America. 

These details do change so keep checking or subscribe to the mailing list. If you are booking flights or vacation days, be sure to confirm dates and places with the country co-ordinator beforehand. As soon as I receive further details I will post them below and e-mail everyone on the mailing list.


With any event, always check with the country co-ordinator to confirm dates - dates and details can change; this site cannot take responsibility for any missed bookings etc.



May 2011


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